Two New Recordings!

Alright, everybody. I'm finally at a point in my life where I can make studio recording a priority, and I'm super excited about it!

After researching the options, I've decided to use BandCamp as my main vehicle for releasing tracks because it lets people pay what they want for my work, which really resonates with me as an artist. I posted "Boy of My Dreams" to get everything set up. 

Backstory on this tune: My grandfather sang "Girl of My Dreams" to my mom when she was little, and my mom sang it so me. When my nephew Knox was born, he was the first of his generation, and I wanted to continue the family tradition. I gave him this at his first Christmas with hand-painted album art by my sister Lauren.

After sharing a jazz tune, I'm changing stations to something from the country-folk-Americana world. The wonderful Ryan Kennedy, whom you can hear on NPR's Mountain Stage Radio Show each week, joins me on my cover of Gillian Welch's tune "One Little Song."

Since my passion lies in crossover singing and collaborating with wonderful people, my hope is to record songs in many different genres with many different people over the years. More tunes are in the works! Can't wait to share them with you. :)