Student News

Here's what students have been up to since my last post on Feb. 9:

Solo Gigs

While I work with many school-age students, I also work with pre-professional and professional clients. Here are some of the performances they've had lately. 

Stephanie Allaire

Stephanie Allaire

Stephanie Allaire

  • Athens Uncorked, Athens, OH
  • Donkey Coffee, Athens, OH
  • Piccolo Wine Room, Glendale, OH
Chase Campbell

Chase Campbell

Chase Campbell

  • Jeremiah's Coffeehouse, Marietta, OH
  • Serenity Coffeehouse, Vienna, WV
Lydia Hyde

Lydia Hyde

Lydia Hyde

  • Jeremiah's Coffeehouse, Marietta, OH
  • Serenity Coffeehouse, Vienna, WV
  • Sixpence Pub and Eatery, Parkersburg, WV

Lydia has future gigs scheduled at Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh and at the Multicultural Festival in Parkersburg, WV.


Graduation Recital

Abigail Wilson (L) and Madeleine Brawley (R)

Abigail Wilson (L) and Madeleine Brawley (R)

Abigail Wilson and Madeleine Brawley presented a Graduation Recital in the traditional classical recital format. They each sang music from multiple musical eras in multiple languages, presenting 20 minutes of music each. These ladies will present a more intense version of this experience as part of the music degrees they will each begin pursuing the fall, so I encourage high schoolers to prepare a recital in preparation for those future recitals. 

Spring Recitals

My school-age students present classical and musical theatre material in a more formal setting every semester. 

Coffeehouse Hootenanny

Students also present commercial genre music in a less formal setting every semester.

Adjudicated Events

It's always a little stressful to be judged, but these students were up to the challenge. Adjudicated events inspire my students to practice more regularly, so they're always worth it, regardless of their scores.

Royal Conservatory Music Development Program Exam

  • Piano
    • Lea Strauss, Level 1
    • Maggie Morris, Level Preparatory A
  • Voice
    • Julia Collette, Level 3
    • Cailin McCracken, Level 3
    • Makayla Frye, Level 2
    • Melina Matics, Level 2
    • Lauren Modesitt, Level 1
    • Maeghan O'Neill, Level 1

OMEA Middle School Solo & Ensemble

  • Ahni Geogerian, Voice, Superior
  • Cailin McCracken, Voice, Superior

WVCEA Fine Arts FestivaL

  • Melina Matics, voice, superior

Auditioned Choirs

Parkersburg High School Chamber Choir

Rising Junior Chloe Crabtree was selected as a member of the elite Chamber Choir at Parkersburg High School.

College Acceptances and Scholarships

Abigail Wilson received a music scholarship to attend Youngstown State University, where she plans to major in Vocal Performance.


Julia Dreyer Wallace received a full ride to Case Western Reserve University's Master's program in Music Education.

Honors Recitals

Marietta College Honors Recital

Students who receive superiors on their Solo & Ensemble solos are invited to compete in the Marietta College Honors Recital. There were three winners from my studio this year: Brandon Humphrey, 1st Place, Voice; Abigail Wilson, 2nd Place, Voice and 3rd Place, Piano; Madeleine Brawley, 3rd Place, Voice.


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WVMEA State Solo & Ensemble Honors Recital

Junior Erin Burks was selected as a performer in this elite recital for the second time. 


The following students were selected for roles in musicals:

  • Alice in Wonderland (Missoula Children's Theatre)
    • Abigail Wilson - Humpty Dumpty
    • Philip Wilson - King of Hearts
    • Olivia Wilson - Cook
    • Sam Wilson - Lobster
  • Charlotte's Web (MOVP Jr.)
    • Ahni Geogerian - Edith
    • Maeghan O'Neill - Fern
    • Lyanna Smith - Wilbur

You can always find a complete list of student accolades here.