A New Project: Commercial Voice Resources

Hey guys! This week's news is about my teaching life.

I started a new website called Commercial Voice Resources, and it's specifically for voice teachers and other professionals who work with singers in pop, rock, R&B, country, indie, and other popular and commercial voice genres. We're a very under-represented and under-served group in the voice teacher world, and I wanted to help us find and help each other more easily. You can read more about the why behind the project in my first post over there.

I took a great deal of inspiration from my colleague Kevin Michael Jones who started Musical Theatre Resources. He's been helping the musical theatre community connect and find resources, and his successful website and Facebook group are one of the biggest reasons I decided to try something similar for commercial and popular singing teachers.

Here's a screenshot of the new site:

If you're a voice teacher who works with singers in commercial styles, check it out, subscribe to the blog, and join our Facebook or Google+ group.