New Single: El Scorcho!


I can't tell you how STOKED I am to finally get this in your ears. For a proper listen, be sure to blast it on your car stereo on the way home from work today. This ain't no iPhone speaker song.

This tune is my favorite track from my favorite Weezer album: Pinkerton. My good friend and uber-amazing singer-songwriter Jared Mahone agreed to help a fun cover of it come to life. 

Everything about the track is an homage to Weezer and the original album. Under the iconic guitar solo, the rest of the band plays another iconic Weezer guitar solo from "Beverly Hills" (good call, Jeff Martin!). There are also some references to "Madama Butterfly," the opera whose character Pinkerton was Cuomo's inspiration for the album title. (Cuomo supposedly felt somewhat like Pinkerton during the Blue Album tour.) After the basic tracks had been recorded and it was time to add some icing to the cake, Jared had a dream where he heard samples from the opera worked into the tune. He promptly woke up, ordered an LP from eBay at 4AM, and made a literal dream come true. (Listen for the horns in the chorus and the buildup to the bridge.) Illustrator Leigh Cox Bond incorporated the opera reference into the album art, as well. 

We had a blast putting this together. Hope you enjoy it.


Written by Rivers Cuomo
Vocals: Jess Baldwin
Production, Arranging, Programming, Editing, Postproduction: Jared Mahone
Guitar: Jeff Arszman
Keys: Aaron White
Bass: Cody Aledia
Drums: Joel Lugo
Percussion: Matt Holley
Sound Engineering: Jeff Martin (Frequency Factory) 
Mixing: Mike Landolt
Mastering: Brian Lucey (Magic Garden Mastering) 
Album Art: Leigh Cox Bond and Joe Ryckebosch

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