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I made it a goal last summer to start taking recording really seriously, and it's been even more exhilarating than I imagined. Since recordings don't require all of the prep time from musicians that gigs do, I get to work with more amazing (read: in-demand, busy) musicians, which lets me dive into more genres. And after we've worked hard, people can hear the finished product anywhere or anytime they want, as opposed to gigs, which are difficult for people who are far away, busy, stuck in the snow, sick, exhausted, can't find a babysitter, etc. For those reasons, recording felt like the best place to invest my time and money for a while.

I've already had a great time recording with Steven Heffner (bass), Ryan Kennedy (guitar), Bernie Nau (sound engineer), and Sean Parsons (piano) this past fall. We tackled some jazz and a little bit of country/Americana.

I wanted the next one to be big, loud, powerful, and have some of the flavors that I love in the soul/funk/pop worlds. I absolutely LOVE it already. It'll be a big contrast to the previous singles. 

I've traveled to Columbus twice this month to lay down tracks for it. Just finished recording all of the vocals on Tuesday. This track brings out a different part of my voice that I haven't been able to use in a live gig for a while, and it's really satisfying to tap into.

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The super-talented Jared Mahone is helping me bring the kernel of my vision to life as the producer for the track. Jared is a college buddy from AB. It's been at least 10 years since we've worked on music together, and it's been very cool to collaborate again after adding 10 years of life and learning to the mix. 

Jared's pulled together a stellar cast of guys from the Columbus area to make this happen. A couple are old friends...

...and several are new.

  • Cody Aledia on bass
  • Joel Lugo on drums
  • Aaron White on keys
  • Jeff Martin (Frequency Factory), sound engineering 

After the tracking's done, it will move into the hands of two Grammy winners. (WHA?!) Mike Landolt (Maroon 5) will be mixing, and Brian Lucey (Black Keys, Dr. John, Beck) will be mastering!

"Danny Brown" by Leigh Cox

I also love working with artists in other mediums, and track art is a great excuse to do that. There's a collaboration in the works with two of my favorite artists for the album art: fellow Marietta implants Leigh Cox (originally from Columbus) and Joe Ryckebosch (originally from Portland).

Leigh recently announced that some of her work (including this!) will be in Key and Peele's first feature length film! [UPDATE, 3 May 2016: Check out the article in Paste Magazine about her work in the film.]

Album Art by Joe Ryckebosch

And Joe designed the album art for Mutemath's recent album Vitals!

There's so much good stuff and so many great people coming together on this! I LOVE what we've put together so far, and I can't wait to share it with you! More to come...