Sophia's Good Memory

I'd like to share one of the sweetest moments I've ever experienced with a student. A couple of weeks ago, Sophia, age 6, realized she was about to finish her first piano book. We've been working through it since she was 4. We digested it in very small bites at first since she was so young, but the past year in particular, she really hit her stride on many levels: self-motivation, practice routine, reading skills, and more. She even won the practicing award this past summer for her age group. When it hit her that we would be done with the book if she "passed" her current song, she stared at the book for a while. Right before I was about to ask her if something was wrong, she smiled very slowly and sweetly as she ran her hands across the pages. Then she said to herself, "This book is a good memory." I will never forget how she said it and the way she smiled. I pictured her thinking not only about our time in lessons, but time spent beside her dad Clay at the home piano, with friends and family at recitals, and at the keyboard alone, learning about music and about herself through the time she's spent with that one book. Thanks to parents like Clay and Alicia for bringing your children into my life for moments like this.