What Clients Are Saying:


If you’re willing to try new things and do the work, your voice will improve. Period. Singing isn’t some mysterious gift that is only bestowed upon the lucky. It’s created with a system of muscles that behave in predictable and controllable ways, and I’m here to help you learn how they work.

In my studio, you only sing the music you love to sing. Each unique identity is honored and celebrated. Together, we work toward the sound that best expresses who you are.

Sessions are generally made up of three segments:

  • working on songs that you want to work on.

  • doing custom vocal exercises created on the spot just for you based a combination of where you are that day and where you want to end up…a lot like going to a personal trainer or a physical therapist…but for singing muscles.

  • developing other skills that will move you toward your goals. may include piano, music theory, songwriting, music business, recording, and more. varies according to your needs.

I don’t require a minimum number of lessons or a package commitment to get started. You choose the frequency that works for you.

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