“Jess is a great teacher for all ages. I started taking piano with her after having had lessons as a kid, and have improved in my playing ability and especially my confidence. She stresses fundamentals but manages to keep it fun.”

Cheryl Arnold, adult piano student

"Jessica has been teaching my six year old daughter voice and piano for two years with unfailing patience and love. Jess has instilled in Sophia a love for music. She uses age-appropriate techniques and does not hesitate to change strategy when something isn't working. I look forward to the seasonal recitals when we see all of Jess's students perform their pieces. Jess focuses on so many different types of life skills, such as listening, persistence, patience, and performance. I can see these skills developing in my daughter over time, and they are lessons that will translate to other areas of her life." 

Alicia Doerflinger, parent of piano student

“Jessica is an amazingly gifted teacher. Not only does she have a deep knowledge of music and theory, she is masterful in delivering that knowledge through innovative methodologies that go beyond a typical teacher's approach. Her vibrant personality engages and draws out the best in her students. If it means anything, we drive 50 minutes each way for our daughter's classes. She's that great of a teacher!”

Toni Kellar, parent of piano student

“I have been thrilled to have my daughter, Lea, take piano lessons with Jessica. In addition to being extremely talented and personable, Jessica is very well-organized. Expectations are high, but so is her encouragement. She takes a sincere interest in all of her students and their lives in and out of the studio. She doesn't just teach music, she lives it herself. What an amazing asset we have!”

Nikki Butler, parent of piano student

“Jessica has devoted her life to music as a performer as well as an instructor. Her joy and expertise in music practice as well as theory lay the foundation for her students' confidence, and she succeeds in teaching that discipline and pleasure are not mutually exclusive. Her lessons are fun and relaxed yet produce results. Teaching music to very young students like my five year old daughter is a challenge, but Jessica is creative and always finds a way to meet that challenge. My daughter adores and strives to please her by working hard.”

Margaret Lazer, parent of piano and voice student

“Jessica is a wonderful instructor, displaying great knowledge, creativity, leadership, and patience. She can not only teach, but also demonstrates what she teaches during class and recitals and is a great performer. I am very pleased with the results of her teaching and my children are growing as musicians under her tutelage and direction.”

Jamie Burks, parent of piano and voice students

“I am frequently amazed at the variety of strategies and on the spot flexibility that Jessica can pull into our sessions together. Her technique serves to move me past the difficulties I encounter in just learning to read music and play the piano at 59 years of age and keeps me keenly motivated to continue to fulfill this dream.” 

Kate Grimm, adult piano student

“I hired Jessica to help prepare my daughter for college vocal auditions. She chose songs that highlighted my daughter's vocal strengths and provided the instruction necessary to improve her weaknesses. In addition, Jessica made the arrangements with a qualified individual to make the recordings that were necessary for the auditions while also serving as accompanist for the recordings. Her education and experience as a vocalist provided exactly what my daughter needed for this important venture in her life.”

Sue Gibbs, parent of voice student

“Jessica is caring, intuitive, and a master of her medium. Extremely observant and always ready with just the right exercise, piece of information, etc. to encourage vocal success. The perfect marriage of heart and head. Highly recommended!”

Sherm Koons, adult voice student

“Jessica has been tutoring me in advanced music theory for my masters program. She has not only helped me do well in the classes I am taking, but she is also teaching me and reinforcing new concepts. I could not do this without her!”

Megahan Hahn, Elementary Music Teacher, Parkersburg, WV