Jared Mahone
Independent Artist
Hoodoo Soul Band

"Jess is one of the most naturally talented musicians I have ever met in my whole career of performing and the fact that she chooses to focus those talents on teaching voice is a gift to anyone seeking this kind of training. Her methods have broken me out of a rut I barely knew I was in and have given me a deeper understanding of my instrument like I have never had before. I can't imagine anyone being better at this than her and the fact that she chooses to do this in my hometown is a huge asset to the music community here. Whether you are thrashing rock vocals, smashing gospel licks, belting pop songs, crooning roots country tunes, singing indie melodies, or even BGVs, anyone in Columbus who wants to stand at the top of your given contemporary music focus should seriously consider training with Jess."

Tony Alfano
Phil Dirt and The Dozers

"Jess' knowledge of the anatomical workings of the vocal cords is incredible and she explains why we do the things we do as singers. I find going to my voice lessons as rewarding an experience as the actual gig performance itself. I am now able to incorporate the new correct way of singing into my shows. My vocal stamina is much better and I'm not wearing myself out like I had been. I only wished I would have met her 20 years ago. I would suggest to any singer a vocal visit with Jess. It's really changed my professional life and I will continue to go for lessons and learn to tweak my new vocal successes."

Nicki Baker
Red Hot Rhythm Review
Nicki & Chaz
Hang Time

"I'm a singer who has gigs almost every weekend and some during the week. I was feeling like I was wearing my voice down. It felt physically tired. I went to Jessica to see if there was any way to preserve my voice and keep up my gigging schedule. She was able to identify the problem, and showed me stretching exercises and a warm up regimen to help prevent it. I implore any working singer to work with Jessica.  She is now an integral part of my continuing career."

Chaz Mechenbier
Red Hot Rhythm Review
Nicki & Chaz
Hang Time

"Just the warm up exercises I learned from Jess, using straws, cup, and a toothpick, made a huge difference on the very first day. My accuracy and especially my range increased. Worth every minute!"

Sherm Koons
Independent Artist

“Jessica is caring, intuitive, and a master of her medium. Extremely observant and always ready with just the right exercise, piece of information, etc. to encourage vocal success. The perfect marriage of heart and head.”

Alex Ford
Worship Leader

“I had no vocal instruction prior to working with Jess, so I didn't really know what to expect or where to begin. She listened to my goals and we set to work immediately on getting me closer to them. She has had a direct, actionable answer to every issue I've brought up about my voice. I appreciate the practical, immediately useful feedback and strategies Jess provides. I learn best by doing, in the context of real world situations, more than endless theory, exercises, or regimens, and Jess has been great at providing that. I walked out of my first 50 minute lesson as a better singer.”

Matt Holley
Worship Leader
Jared Mahone Band

"Jess is a truly gifted vocalist and teacher. Her calm presence, and helpful attitude help you feel at ease with a process that could otherwise make you feel self conscious. I've been singing for over 30 years, and had never had vocal lessons, so I was a little nervous and intimidated to go to a professional. Sure I could sing, but Jess was able to help me with issues I'd been having, and even after one lesson I had tools to help me better perform. I would recommend her to anyone interested in stepping up their game vocally. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, Jess has something to offer."

Lorenzo McKeever

“I found Jess Baldwin online when looking for a CCM Voice Specialist. After meeting with her I was not only impressed, but blown away. Her ability to listen to my voice, and instantly understand my Strengths and Weaknesses, is as impressive as it is encouraging. She asked what I wanted to get out of our lesson, and focused our time together towards my goals. Her pedagogically sound teaching is refreshing, as I often struggle knowing how my voice is supposed to work naturally. I felt encouraged to try new sounds, and explore the many colors a voice can produce. I highly recommend Jess for any style of teaching, and will continue to study with her to soak up all the knowledge I can.”

Gretchen Hoberty

"I thought I'd be nervous with Jess (I'm very shy), but she is so warm and welcoming that I felt comfortable right away. She knew how my particular vocal injury affected my voice and identified some of the habits that may have contributed to it. She gave me some exercises to help strengthen and protect my voice. I left feeling hopeful that I will get back the comfort, ease, and endurance I once had singing."

Kary Perkovic

"Jess is helping me overcome my anxiety about getting back out there. As a singer who is older and has not sang professionally for over 10 years I have some challenges and she has helped me tremendously. I am learning to increase airflow, relax my throat, and increase my range.  She really listens and focuses in on what needs the most work. She doesn't miss a thing!!"

Toni Kellar

"Jessica is an amazingly gifted teacher. Not only does she have a deep knowledge of music and theory, she is masterful in delivering that knowledge through innovative methodologies that go beyond a typical teacher's approach. Her vibrant personality engages and draws out the best in her students. If it means anything, we drive 50 minutes each way for our daughter's classes. She's that great of a teacher!"

Stephanie Allaire 

"As a singer-songwriter I am very cautious when it comes to my voice. The uniqueness of it what keeps me sustainable. Since working with Jessica I have been able to enhance the naturally unique qualities of my voice and improve the areas I am less confident in. Jessica is amazing because she will work with at your current level and tailors every lesson to what you want to work on. All sounds are accessible and Jessica knows how to teach them in a healthy and safe way. Since my lessons I have more vocal stamina while playing long gigs. My lessons with Jessica also helped me to vocally prepare to record my first EP this past winter."

Lindsey Schrock

"Jessica really listens to you--whether you are singing an exercise or talking to her about your stresses and concerns, she listens. She has such a calming presence, and integrates advanced techniques in exercises in a way that is simple, understandable, and effective! Any exercises she gives are always accompanied by an explanation of what they will accomplish in the vocal mechanism. She never criticizes; only encourages! She is not only an instructor, but a invaluable mentor who took the time to get to know me as a person and nurture both my voice and my self-confidence."

Morgan Massaro

"Jessica is a remarkably efficient and inspiring teacher. She has taught me the basics of how to take care of my voice and to sing properly but she has also guided me through many tough life lessons connected to my voice. She has taught me about being an artist and a good person as much as she has taught me the technicalities of singing. She has a great sense of what her students need from her and she relays information in a way that make sense but also makes me think critically about my artistry physically, technically, and emotionally. My work with Jessica has been life changing and I am by FAR a much better singer (and person) than when I first walked into a lesson with her." 

Hunt Brawley

“Jess has been been a superb instructor for my children who probably represent opposite ends of the student spectrum. Jessica has been able to engage my daughter and make music exciting and challenging at the same time. She has been able to push my daughter in different musical directions which has always kept her engaged and looking forward to her next lesson. Jessica has also demonstrated extreme patience and creativity in dealing with my autistic son. She is always trying new ways to relate to his autism and has been able to make his lessons fun despite the many barriers he has to learning. I think she has been able to capture the joy of music and convey that to two very different people. It always lifts my spirit to take my children to her and know that they are in good hands.”

Ali Doerflinger

“Jessica has been teaching my six year old daughter voice and piano for two years with unfailing patience and love. Jess has instilled in Sophia a love for music. She uses age-appropriate techniques and does not hesitate to change strategy when something isn't working. Jess focuses on so many different types of life skills, such as listening, persistence, patience, and performance. I can see these skills developing in my daughter over time, and they are lessons that will translate to other areas of her life.”