Workshops & Master Classes

Jess has a bachelor's and master's in voice and voice pedagogy, has taught voice and voice pedagogy at the college level since 2007, and has been a professional collaborative pianist since age 12. In addition to two classical voice degrees, she has specific training in working with CCM (non-classical) singers. She's fully certified in Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method and is an assistant faculty member at the CCM Voice Pedagogy Institute, where she studied for 7 years prior. She has in-depth training in vocal health and vocal function that allows her to work with more extreme ends of the singer spectrum, including injured voices and professional voices. She's a member of NATS, The Voice Foundation, ACDA, APME, and NAfME, and is a certified advanced voice teacher in the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program.

As the daughter of a high school choir director, Jessica is particularly passionate about helping teachers get the tools they need to keep themselves and their singers in good mental and vocal shape. She presents at conferences for music educators and voice teachers across the country on the topics of vocal health, creating effective exercises and warm-ups for choirs, teaching popular and commercial singing styles, and more. She has presented at state and national conferences across the United States, including the Voice Foundation Symposium and the Association for Popular Music Education Conference. She also runs the free website Commercial Voice Resources, which empowers teachers who work with singers in popular and commercial styles through articles, a teacher directory, research database, and much more.

Topics include:

  • Creating Vocal Exercises for your Multi-Genre Choir Program

  • Transitioning from Classical to CCM as an Artist and a Teacher

  • A Survey of Popular and Commercial College Programs and Their Faculty

  • Teaching and Honoring Popular Music Styles in the Voice Studio

  • Contemporary and Functional Voice Training

  • An Overview of Good Vocal Health Practices

What People Have to Say

Jessica Baldwin is an exceptional voice professional. She is an accomplished performer able to move seamlessly between CCM and classical vocal genres with grace and artistry. As a friend and colleague, one of my favorite things is how easy she is to talk with. I will often seek out her thoughts on challenging voice students or bounce ideas about articles or research ideas. I find it especially valuable in this profession how we can sit and talk voice science and technique for hours figuring out how to resolve vocal issues within ourselves and our students. I always leave the conversations both humbled and more knowledgeable. Her dedication to the art and craft of voice training and performance and helping others achieve their goals, is something that continually inspires me. She is one of the kindest, intelligent, motivated and joyful humans I have the pleasure to know.

— Kat Reinhert, Head of Contemporary Voice, University of Miami (FL)

Those warm ups we learned from you have truly made a difference in my show choir’s sound!! Wow! They sound so much better! I also added more movement to our rehearsals that has really made a difference as well! Thank you!

— Jacob Terry, music teacher, Duvall Elementary and Middle School