Jessica is a vocal chameleon and a master of her instrument. She inhabits diverse musical worlds in the recording studio and on stage, singing pop, soul, funk, jazz, Americana, musical theatre, classical, and more. She appeared on NPR's Mountain Stage in 2013, was a quarterfinalist in the 2015 American Traditions Competition, and won Best Cover Song in the 2015 Ohio Music Awards. Check out her latest recordings and find upcoming performances on her calendar.

With a master's in classical voice pedagogy, additional training in CCM voice pedagogy, and 25 years of collaborative piano experience, she brings the same flexibility and diversity to her teaching that she brings to her performing. Combine her deep knowledge of music with patience, compassion, and individualized instruction, and you get what one student calls, "the perfect marriage of heart and head." If you're interested in lessons with Jessica, you can find more info on the lesson page.

What people are saying about Jessica:

"Jessica is a world class singer. She possesses an innate musicality that is naturally expressed in her singing, as well as her piano accompanying. We have had her attend our Institute for several years as a singer and accompanist. She can sing jazz, folk, R&B, with exceptional beauty and passion. She is also able to accompany herself and others with ease. I would highly recommend her as a teacher of singing and can't figure out why she does not already have a huge career as a professional solo singer."

Dr. Kathryn Green, director, CCM Institute, Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA

"Jessica is a world-class vocalist with an effortless, beautiful sound. I have utilized her wonderful talent on commercial productions at my recording studio, and have always been completely happy with the results. Jessica has also coached me vocally, and has helped me eliminate some vocal problems which had been evolving over some years. I can honestly recommend her highly for both session vocal work and vocal instruction / coaching." 

David Traugh, Composer

 "When I asked Jessica to sing the role of Mary Wade on the upcoming Gettysburg commemorative song cycle, "The Fields of Gettysburg," I had no idea of what was in store for us. Her performance is the centerpiece of the record and she elevated the delivery of all the other vocalists and players involved on the project. Jessica brings that rare combination of a high degree of technical skill and a palpable level of emotion to her vocalizations. She well understands and knows how to deliver the soul of a song. Simply stated: Pure Beauty."

John Walsh, composer, The Fields of Gettysburg

“Jessica is caring, intuitive, and a master of her medium. Extremely observant and always ready with just the right exercise, piece of information, etc. to encourage vocal success. The perfect marriage of heart and head.”

Sherm Koons, student

"Jessica has been teaching my six year old daughter voice and piano for two years with unfailing patience and love. Jess has instilled in Sophia a love for music. She uses age-appropriate techniques and does not hesitate to change strategy when something isn't working. I look forward to the seasonal recitals when we see all of Jess's students perform their pieces. Jess focuses on so many different types of life skills, such as listening, persistence, patience, and performance. I can see these skills developing in my daughter over time, and they are lessons that will translate to other areas of her life." 

Alicia Doerflinger, parent

"Jessica Baldwin has been been a superb instructor for my children who probably represent opposite ends of the student spectrum. Jessica has been able to engage my daughter and make music exciting and challenging at the same time. She has been able to push my daughter in different musical directions which has always kept her engaged and looking forward to her next lesson. Jessica has also demonstrated extreme patience and creativity in dealing with my autistic son. She is always trying new ways to relate to his autism and has been able to make his lessons fun despite the many barriers he has to learning. I think she has been able to capture the joy of music and convey that to two very different people. It always lifts my spirit to take my children to her and know that they are in good hands."

Hunt Brawley, parent

“I am frequently amazed at the variety of strategies and on the spot flexibility that Jessica can pull into our sessions together. Her technique serves to move me past the difficulties I encounter in just learning to read music and play the piano at 59 years of age and keeps me keenly motivated to continue to fulfill this dream.” 

Kate Grimm, student

“Jessica is an amazingly gifted teacher. Not only does she have a deep knowledge of music and theory, she is masterful in delivering that knowledge through innovative methodologies that go beyond a typical teacher's approach. Her vibrant personality engages and draws out the best in her students. If it means anything, we drive 50 minutes each way for our daughter's classes. She's that great of a teacher!”

Toni Kellar, parent